The history of the international GEOUA conference began in 2008 from the founding meeting. For the years passed, the conference was held every 2 years. Over time and changing emphasis in the field of processing geospatial satellite data has undergone transformation and focus of the conference.

In 2010 , for example, the assessment of natural disaster risks and emergency response (in the context of the UNSPIDERprogram), the course continued in 2012 with a focus on the agrarian use of satellite data, in 2014 – the use of Earth observation data from space to resolve Actual tasks in the agriculture of Ukraine in the context of international programs and initiatives (GEO-GLAM, SIGMA, JECAM), the 2016 meeting was devoted primarily to the results of activities within international programs and initiatives, in particular the JECAMinitiative, the Copernicus program, European projects Sen2-Agri and SIGMA with the participation of international participants. Geography of the conference covered Kiev, Odessa, Evpatoria, leading experts from Ukraine, European countries and the USA participated in her work.