AbstractsAbstracts for GEO-UA 2018 are issued according to the same requirements as the ones for the 18th Ukrainian Space Research Conference.

Detailed information can be found via the link: https://space-conf.ikd.kiev.ua/conference/thesis.

Full paper

It is planned to publish conference full papers (presented at the conference by at least one of the authors) at CEUR-WS.org with indexation in the SCOPUS database.

We should pay your attention to the fact that the resource CEUR-WS.org is devoted to computer technologies, and even if your article could be devoted to engineering topics, it should be based on computer technologies.

Articlesmust have a number of requirements ( in accordance with the requirements of the resource http://ceur-ws.org/)

The minimum amount of article –  5 pages.

All articles should be relevant to the subject of computer technology (the article may be devoted to engineering issues, but the methodology should be based on computer technologies);

English is the default language for preparing an article .

The material has to be prepared for TEX according to the template [http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-XXX/samplestyles/].

More information on the preparation of the article will be provided.